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Show Me the Money.. Through ROI


Dollar BillsA lot of people want to make money from their social media efforts, but few people are extremely successful at it. Why is that?

One reason is that a lot of people don’t want to ask for money. When fundraising, they only want to reach out to the people they know, or people they know care about the same cause that they are raising money for. The truth is, with social media, everyone can donate money, they just need a reason to give that they believe in. Jason Boies talks about how telling your story gets people to want to give. I agree. Not only does telling the story make people want to give to you, but it also has them connect with you in a way that has them share what is going on with other people. This goes back to the altruism idea, that people want to share something that makes them feel good and also makes them look good. I think this is a great concept and can really help when raising money for a cause.

However, what if it isn’t for a cause? What if  a company just wants to make sure that they are getting a good return on their social media investment? Well, one way to do that is to always be engaging. Adam Popescu talks about how people want to interact with the brands they like and want to have that connection. I agree, when I reach out to a brand and see that they only respond to the negative comments and ignore all of the good feedback, I get annoyed. Every comment should count, every opinion should matter, that is one of the benefits of social media.

Chris Heuer talks about how R.E.A.L. relationships are important in today’s society. R.E.A.L. means reciprocal, empathetic, authentic, long-lasting. Chris talks about how when people interact online, they are doing so in a public manner and that can create a huge positive or negative effect on your brand. To ensure that more positives are being said about your company, create relationships, build connections with people. Especially since customers are more likely to do repeat business with a company that reaches out to them and connects with them.

Zeynep Tufekci agrees that social media is a benefit, and argues that it is a positive role in peoples lives. He argues that the conversations we have through social media, we wouldn’t have otherwise. I tend to agree with his argument. If it wasn’t for these sites I wouldn’t know a lot of what is going on with people since I wouldn’t be involved in their lives. Does it enhance my friendships with my close friends too? Yes, it does. I constantly reach out with funny images or articles that I find, and so do my friends. It is a great way to connect in a way that we couldn’t over the phone.

What does this mean to you?

What do you think of Zeynep Tufekci’s argument that social media is a benefit to relationships?

Do you think acknowledging every comment a brand receives is important?

Would you consider launching a fundraising effort through social media?