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Old Navy App


Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 2.11.15 PMThis week I decided to look at Old Navy as a company and see what kind of app they had. A few months ago I had written a review of Old Navy online and their app, Old Navy Snap Appy and I wanted to see what was going on. First off, I was shocked to see that the Snap Appy app was completely gone, and did not show up in the App Store at all. Instead there was a new Old Navy app! This one was much more useful and was a way to shop online, on my phone!

oldnavy 1The app opens up with what sale is happening and shows what coupon code can be used when checking out. I like that it also has a list of what types of clothing you can look for within the app. Old Navy offers a lot of choices that are typically not shown in the store, Maternity, Petite sizes for women, Tall for men and for women; lots of different choices. With the app, it is similar to the online shopping experience and there are all of the same choices.

When looking at the shopping in closer detail, you can select categories, colors, and prices just like when shopping online. I find this incredibly convenient and it shows a huge improvement from the initial app that was put out.

Next, I noticed that the app oldnavy 2requested my location. After I said “no,” it really did keep my privacy and just showed a variety of stores. I then went back into my settings and selected to allow my location to be shared and it allowed me to find local stores easily. This sparked my interest in where other Old Navy would be located globally and I was successful in finding out that in 2012, Old Navy opened its first global store in Japan. While the company had already had a large presence there with Gap and Banana Republic, Old Navy is just becoming an option.

I took a look at the Old Navy Facebook and noticed that there was no mention of this app. I am wondering if the company is just allowing people to stumble upon it themselves. This to me doesn’t seem like a great strategy. I think people would really appreciate this app and the ability to find out what they can use the app for if they knew more about it.

oldnavy 3 For instance, this one app allows you to go the the 4 other companies that are related by easily clicking on the “brands” option. This seamlessly allows a transition with all of the same great shopping features as with Old Navy. I find that very useful since I do enjoy shopping at Gap as well for different items and now I have everything in one place. You can use the app as a guest, but signing into your account does make things easier for purchasing quickly since it will save your information and allow for easier processing. Also, if you shop online, it is quite similar to that same process.

I really enjoy the ease of use with the app, it seems as though there was a lot of time and effort put into making sure that it was simple and not confusing, which sometimes can happen. I just wish that there was an extra incentive to use it. I think that if there were coupons, or an extra discount to use on top of the regular discount they would see a big jump in the amount of people using the app.

oldnavy 4There was another feature that I found interesting was the barcode scanner. Luckily I just received some new workout clothes for Valentine’s Day and was able to see how it worked! I scanned this item and it showed up in the app in the color that I have, what was cool is that it showed me what other colors it comes in, and that one other color was on sale. To me this is a great feature since Old Navy does have some Online Only options.
When these mysterious fashions show up in the store, it is a great way to see what else they offer online and in what sizes. It is also great to show what other colors an item comes in that isn’t in the store. It was really easy to use and I find it a very convenient feature.

Lastly, I think that it is important to mention that the branding is consistent through the app, the online website and the social media pages that I looked at. I think that is an important part of making sure an app represents a company well, and I do believe that Old Navy did that with this app. Also, here is a GREAT commercial from Thanksgiving since I love Melissa McCarthy.