Hi! My name is Amanda and I am a millennial. What does that mean? It means I am a part of the generation that grew up with computers in their homes, and cell phones in their book bags. I remember when Facebook was only for college students, and Myspace was actually cool. In the past 8 years though, things have changed, drastically. For me personally, and in the world of social media.

IMG_2356Mark and Amanda (565 of 1037)For me personally, I graduated college, got a house, married the man of the dreams, and rescued two completely different puppies.

Here are pictures of those two massively important events in my life. Mark is the one kissing me on the right, my wonderful husband and my greatest day.

On the left you have my two little monsters. The big dog is named Buddy, and the little one is Luna.


I also decided to go to graduate school, for Mass Communication with a focus in Social Media. Why? The truth is that I believe the best way to create my own career path is to get involved know and become knowledgeable. A lot of people know how to post something to a site, but do they know how to brand themselves? That is a specific goal of mine. Would you like to go on this journey together?

Here are all of the accounts you can follow me on:




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