Data Mining and Privacy


data_miningWhen people here about data mining, a lot happens. People are very passionate about whether or not they are losing their privacy since it means that they will become vulnerable to identity theft as well as being tracked. However, for some people it weighs out and is worthwhile. For instance, I know many people who feel as though they would hate to be followed online or tracked, but do use a credit card since it is more convenient. There are ethical questions to consider when it comes to identity theft since so many companies are being shown how vulnerable that they are when they are hacked. Another factor is how people feel that since companies are using different ways to track information, it means that they will be sold to more and monitored. A lot of people have a problem with that since they don’t know where the information is going.


While I do think that in times of national security issues or threats to the nation as a whole, I do think it is important. However, since September 11th there has been a constant theory that everything is justified. People have now gone to the other side of starting out willing to share information after the tragedy that occurred to now being upset that their privacy is being tracked.

I think there are some benefits and some things that need to be considered. While it is important for national security to have access, when the government has lost the trust of the people they serve, it is a huge problem. People need to have confidence that their country is trying to help them and not abuse their power and unfortunately I do not think that at this time the majority of United States citizens feel that data mining is done in their best interest.

When it comes to companies data mining, I think there should be an opt in option. People should have the right to give information or not to. For instance, when I would fill out surveys and forms online and in person and it asked for race information, I always circled “other” and wrote human. However, online I can’t hide that information. It is known who I am and what my race is, even though I may not want to share that information. I think there is always the chance for identification since any electronic device that someone is using can be tracked by an IP address. In the end, I think nothing is safe and everything is being tracked, but I am used to the idea since it is what is coming and will only get worse as technology advances.

About Amanda Scheffer Cavanagh the Social Media Maven

My name is Amanda Cavanagh, and I have been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time. While the final push I needed was a graduate class, I am hoping to explore many aspects of life and learning through this blog. One topic that I will be most thoroughly discussing will be social media. I have my own company, Social Solutions For You, and I hope that while I learn more to help my clients, maybe I help some of my readers too!

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  1. Data mining is never in the individual interest. The ruler seeks control and the business seeks profit through data mining, both at the expense of the individual citizen. The citizens have the ability to protect their personal information, but they are either too indifferent or lazy to do so.

    • Hi Alex,
      I agree, businesses do use data mining to their best interest, but sometimes I don’t know about a product that I might want to try out, like a new tea flavor, so if a company knows to recommend me a good tea, I don’t mind. I don’t think people are too indifferent or lazy, a lot of times people don’t even realize how much information they are putting out. While some people are indifferent, that is their own choice. Thanks for commenting!

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