Social Media and Relationships


When watching the KLM Airlines video it is apparent that the company is truly reaching out to their customers in a genuine way. It seems to make a huge difference, and I wish more companies would adopt this customer first attitude. I have reached out to many companies through Twitter and have been ignored time and again. I know that it is hard to respond to everything, but ignoring people is not the way to build a following or an audience.

I truly think that when it comes to building relationships, trust is important as well as consistency and engagement. Ensuring that you are connecting consistently with people so that they can rely on you is a key way to become an influencer. For me, personally, I have tried to post content, whether it is my own or not that I think is relevant or interesting in order to show how I am not constantly promoting myself, but social media in general. I also make an effort to respond to all posts or comments in a timely manner so that people know that I am listening to what they say, as well as favorite when I have been spoken about in a positive manner so that people know I am aware of what is going on.

I do constantly try to write in a conversational manner, in my blog posts and on my various social media platforms. Something else I have tried to do in the past is connect with people through various groups and join in on conversations to talk to people that way. Sometimes that has resulted in making a connection, and sometimes it doesn’t, however it always is nice to converse with people and learn more about what other people think about social media.

When it comes to customer service and how to deal with a customer, I have always been incredibly courteous, however, just like through text messages, sometimes it is hard to be read correctly. I think that when it comes to answering anything through social media, it is hard to establish a voice and people have to be extra courteous to ensure that their words are not misconstrued. I personally have had to re-read things at times to make sure that I am truly understanding what is being said, and the tone it is being said in since language written online can be confusing.

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  1. The challenge of social media is junk information, like a tsunami it can drown the user. I run my own business and I have social media to connect with my customers. My problem is like my Liberated Way blog, it is time consuming to create content, answer comments, and read/comment on fellow blogs. It has been a week since I last updated my blog, and I have had to swim through over 200 spam comments in order to find two authentic comments marked as spam in error, it took precious time to do this. Multiply the demand on personal time resources the more social channels are created and it quickly becomes apparent that the time spent on maintaining them whilst filtering the important from the junk information makes them an increasingly ineffective/inefficient way of communicating with existing and potential customers.

    • Hi Alex,

      You are right! It is a time consuming process, that is why a lot of people have chosen to become consultants and work on the side for a smaller person or company so that it would free the person up to do more. I will say that a great tip that I learned is that each piece of content created should lend itself to at least 15 ways to reinvent different ways to post one blog. I don’t know if that will help you at all. I also recommend reaching out to WordPress regarding the comments, I know that they have updated some spam filters on various profiles and I am wondering if that would help you as well. You do have a great blog though, and I am sure that your followers appreciate the time you take. It is a question of if it is becoming to overwhelming to reach out and hire someone to help. Let me know if you want to talk about anything further! Thanks for commenting!

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