Old Navy and Customers


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This week I decided to take a look at how Old Navy was connecting with their customers. I look at both their Facebook and Twitter account to see how they responded to any and all customer interactions.


Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 11.17.40 AMLooking at their Facebook page and seeing all of the customer interactions that were answered and the ones that were ignored, it is interesting to see how they choose to portray their customer voice. I have seen that Old Navy does make an effort to post in an upbeat and friendly manner and that they offer help and assistance when they can and explain when it was a mistake on the customer end nicely. However, they don’t respond to every comment. There are a lot of comments that go unanswered. I am wondering if part of that is because they have multiple people answering comments on the same post. I think for their purposes, it would make more sense to assign a person to each post to ensure that every comment was answered. I am sure for the people who are commenting and seeing their questions or concerned ignored, it is very upsetting. I think that they are doing a great job of speaking in a consistent tone, but the majority of their posts are selling to customers. I think it would be great if they added more informational posts about outfits since those get a lot of comments and may end up selling pieces that people want without directly offering a sale or discount.


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When it comes to Twitter, I think Old Navy does a much better job of not only reaching out to people who are commenting on their posts, but also sharing posts that they are tagged in. This shows how they are interacting and connecting to people and making sure that they make their customers feel heard. I think it is very important to consistently make people feel as though they are being heard, and by Old Navy retweeting or making something a favorite, it is a simple way to accomplish that. I still think that they need to not consistently sell to the people connecting with them online. It is something that can be a huge turn off to people who are not huge fans of the company.


While this company has been able to consistently keep a warm and friendly voice when posting and when interacting with people, they have not hit the right amount of how often they should be selling a product and how often they should be posting other interesting tidbits. I think that if they were able to  branch out their posts they would be doing a lot better when it comes to connecting with customers and gaining new followers.

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  1. Great post Amanda! I love Old Navy clothes, but they’re one of those brands that I forget how much I like them until I see them. It’s like an old song that I love that doesn’t get played often enough, so I forget about it. I’m seeing a bit of a pattern where brands are more effective on Twitter than on Facebook. I don’t think they need to respond to every comment unless it’s a question or concern. If it’s just a comment that this person loves their store, they can ‘like’ the comment and that should be enough of a response. If they’re leaving questions unanswered while answering others, then yes, they need to do a better job of that.

    • Hey Steve,
      I can’t understand that they are focusing on one more than the other. I mean, why? It’s a million dollar company. What is the hesitation in adding 4 more people to a social media team? You’re right, just liking would be enough, but doing nothing really isn’t. I think that’s what upsets me. That these companies really have the ability to do more, and are choosing not to.

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