Building Trust


When it comes to trusttrust and social media, there are a lot of different factors to look at. For instance, when it comes to connecting with people and building their trust I try to always make sure that I retweet , share and acknowledge any articles or blogs that I mention in my work. This has been very successful for me as well as tagging people who I am talking about and referencing. This has allowed people that I have mentioned to find the post through a Google alert they have created for themselves and meant that they have shared my work to their community. I think that is a great way to build trust, since it means that other people are doing the work for you!

Here is a look at the formula being discussed in this weeks lecture:

Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 10.05.04 PMI don’t believe that there does need to be a formula when it comes to building trust since it seems that there is a code that can be cracked when it comes to trust and I don’t think that there is one.  However, I do agree that all of these key points make a difference when it comes to building trust in a community. I would also add E for engagement, since I believe not just posting but actively reaching out in various community forums would be helpful. I have found that when I reach out and connect with people on their posts it has helped me get engagement on my own posts since people are more likely to connect with someone they have a genuine connection with.

I think that it makes a difference when thinking about trust how people are engaged with and if they are sold to. I personally don’t like to “sell” to people since I do not enjoy trying to promote myself and I have not yet figured out a way to do it that isn’t awkward. Sometimes I feel that it works, and other times I have no idea and realize that I get no engagement, so in my opinion it doesn’t work.

When it came to the example of Northern Rail, I thought what they did was great. They got engagement and made conversation while making their customers happier, win-win situation! At the end of the day, no company or person is perfect and we will all mistakes, but by being able to admit that and take charge of the problem head on, I think that customers can respect the company or person and it is a great way to build trust!

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