IMG_2356Hi everyone, my name is Amanda and I currently live in Connecticut. One of the reasons I enjoy this program so much is that I get to do it at home in my pajama’s! It means I can snuggle with my two fur babies and still further my future. I love my two rescue pups, the little one is Luna and the big one is Buddy. When I decided to go back to school, I wanted to go into a field that would be growing so that I could learn and be ahead of the curve. When I started thinking about what was constantly changing and what kind of a field I wanted to go into, I found the Master’s in Social Media program at the University of Florida.

Since I have started this program of getting my Master’s degree in Social Media, I have worked my way into a new career path in social media! I am so excited to be translating what I am learning and what I continue to learn into my new job which will be starting in a week. First week of my third semester at the University of Florida and I am already translating my education into my job. I could not be more excited to continue on this path and learn more and continue to grow!

I am looking forward to learning more about ethics in relation to social media since there are so many things happening regarding the topic. I studied Broadcast Journalism as an undergrad, and am always amazed at the reporting that is done by eyewitnesses through their social media posts and while they do a great job sometimes, other times it can go horribly wrong. I am very interested in learning what is considered ethically wrong or right when it comes to social media since I feel that the growth of social media is happening so quickly that it is hard to keep up with everything that is happening. I think this field is so important for the future and that it is important for every company and every person to be aware of their social media presence.

About Amanda Scheffer Cavanagh the Social Media Maven

My name is Amanda Cavanagh, and I have been thinking of starting a blog for quite some time. While the final push I needed was a graduate class, I am hoping to explore many aspects of life and learning through this blog. One topic that I will be most thoroughly discussing will be social media. I have my own company, Social Solutions For You, and I hope that while I learn more to help my clients, maybe I help some of my readers too!

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