Google Me, Google You!


My name is Amanda Scheffer Cavanagh, now after I got married. However, before that it was Amanda Rachel Scheffer. As a child of divorce I was able to choose which name I wanted and to me that made a difference, I have always been proud of my name and felt it was an intrinsic part of myself. I put my name into Google and this is what I found..

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 8.19.41 PMOnly one of those pictures is me, and only my new name was found to really be me. What?! I have used this name for 24 years of my life, and the first result I found that was actually related to me was on page 4 with a press release that a professor from Hofstra University had written about coverage of the Presidential Debate that took place there in 2008.

Now, I know that I wasn’t doing a lot in the public eye, but I was doing things and posting things and commenting, but apparently I just did not leave enough of an impact to be associated with my name.

Enter my decision to work in social media and learn about social media marketing from the University of Florida, and now my new identity makes me a lot easier to find! Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 8.19.22 PMThis is all me! This is a huge transformation in a short period of time. I only started posted blogs and commenting in August 2013, and by staying on top of things and continuously posting I have been able to grow something of a presence online. It is only starting, and it is pretty small, but I am very excited to see my name actually reflect who I am. I had learned a lot of Search Engine Optimization tips and posted about them here, and by using them over time I have been able to grow a slight presence. This to me is increasingly exciting and is a constant reminder that I need to be posting more, commenting more and connecting more. That is the point of social media, right? to be social. I am increasingly interested in growing my network and connecting with new people about social media and other interests of mine. I think that it is amazing how people all around the world can connect and reach out to each other through the internet and I love being a part of it.

When I searched for my email address, my new email address came up with nothing that was actually me, while my old one actually had a couple of relevant hits.

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 9.29.24 PMThe top link was when my friend lost her dog, and we were reaching out via various social media platforms if anyone picked her up and took her home. Just to let you know, that story has a happy ending and the dog did make it home. The other two links were from my undergraduate days of school and various work that I did with my professors. I find it interesting that more information came up from my email address with my maiden name than my current address. I don’t know why that is, other than I used my maiden name email address more frequently since my new one is only a year old.

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  1. Wow, what interesting results from your Google search! How crazy that your “new” name was more accurate than you maiden name. Congrats on all of your hard work in improving your SEO. I remember reading last semester that you wanted to reach 100 blog posts and you really have stayed on top of it. It just goes to show that it is possible to improve SEO through simple practices.

    I thought it was interesting that we had to Google our email addresses. Personally, I don’t put my email address out there very often. Nothing came up relating to me when I searched my email address and I’m interested to see that something relevant came up for you. I’m also glad that your friends dog ended up getting home safely. Smart move to extend the search on social media.

    • Hey Alexis,
      I really did think it was crazy that my new name came up with more results, I mean, I have been using my maiden name for 24 years! However, it just shows how when you are active on social media thinks can really change and you can become much more of a thought leader; which is of course my ultimate goal. I am nowhere near 100 posts, and I need to do a lot more work than I am doing, but all in good time, right?
      I also was shocked that anything came up with my email address! I never really put it out on the web, and in this case I hadn’t a professor did it for me.
      Yea, I immediately went home that night and had it posted on Facebook and in various animal rights chat rooms, I even had my local State Senator put it on his page since I knew he had more reach in my town with people of an older generation! The support was overwhelming and when we were finally able to say she was home safe, I then had to go back and post on all the boards again that we had gotten her. It ended up being a lot of work!
      Thanks for commenting!

  2. I agree with Alexis, it is crazy that your new name has a stronger presence than your name you have carried for 24 years. I think you give an excellent explanation for this though. I agree with you Amanda in that the more online “social” we are the more we would show up on results. In fact, little by little with each post we go from being passive in the audience to turn into opinion leaders. Great job as usual! 😀

  3. Hey Amanda! Your search results are such a great example of how important it is to be posting content and commenting on a regular basis, especially in the field that we’ve all chosen. It’s nice to see the actual impact and results that the program has had in such a short period of time. It’s interesting to see how much of an impact your name change has made. I assume that once I get married, “Lauren Holstein” might actually show up in results, where “Lauren Roberts” is a little too common for just a general search. It may be worth changing my name on my blogs!

    • Hey Lauren,
      It is interesting how a name change can change results! If I were you I would look up Lauren Roberts Holstein and see if it is worth making that your professional name. It might make a big difference in your results! Now at least I know I am the only Amanda Scheffer Cavanagh! It’s pretty awesome to know I can use that name and it will help my SEO results!

  4. Hello Amanda. In my post I wrote about the search I performed using my complete name, María Celeste Martinez and Celeste Martinez. I have to confess I was in part a little bit frustrated because the results were not that many, at least those related to me. Now, you and what I have learned in this class will be my inspiration. I have to start posting and commenting more since I do not plan to get married or change my name, but I can sure use SEO and some other tactics to get more results and build a more professional reputation. It’s very nice that the first result when you put your email was related to helping one of your friends. That, itself, gives me information about how much you care about your friends. Now I have a question, did you change your name before or after you began to be more active on the social networks? great post!

    • Hi Celeste,
      I really learned last semester that there is a difference between passively watching what happens in social media, and actively being involved. Being active makes a huge difference when it comes to social media, and SEO. For me, the name change helped a lot, especially since I use my full name. Don’t be fooled, there are a lot of Amanda Cavanagh’s as well.
      I chose my name when I was engaged and thinking about what I want to keep integral to my identity and after that I made sure that my name was available through the various social media platforms, and even for my email. After being married for almost a year is when I started taking my social media presence seriously and decided to enroll in the Social Media Program at the University of Florida.
      When that dog ran away, it was horrible! It was raining, and we were out running around in the pouring rain trying to find the dog for hours before it got dark and we just hoped that she had been brought inside for the night since she is so small! Luckily she had been and we were able to bring her home the next day. The power of social media is amazing though! Good luck with getting your name out there! It is definitely a lot of hard work, I have a LONG way to go myself.

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