Results of my First Survey!


surveyWhen I first set out to make this survey, I was hoping for a LOT of engagement, interaction and people taking my survey. This is not what happened, at all. I shared this survey on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. Between those three social media platforms, I have 1,500 connections. While there is some overlap, I can still safely say that I have 1,000 connections. I received 96 completed survey results. This is after friends of mine shared the survey as well, which brought the amount of people who saw my survey up to 2,500. This means that the amount of people who saw me or a friend of mine request survey results and completed the survey is 0.038%. WHAT?! While I knew that it would be hard to get people to take my survey, I really didn’t think it would be THIS hard. Especially since I was asking about social media, on various social media platforms.


Of the 96 people who took my survey, 21 were male and 75 were female

8% of people fell between 18-22 years old, 40% of people were between 23-27, 14% were between 28-32, 14% were between 33-37, 5% were between 38-42, 3% were between 43-47 and 16% were over the age of 48

60% had a Bachelor’s Degree, with 15% with a Master’s Degree and 13% only finished some college

77% of people did not have children, with 23% having children. Of that, 41% have only one child and 36% have 2 children

97% of people do use social media platforms, with 3% saying no they did not use social media platforms

Of the people who do use social media, 92% use their real names while 8% use fake names, when asked why a fake name would be used, the biggest response was that it was due to privacy concerns and not wanting their company to be able to find them on social media

When asked how please people are with the privacy level of the content an individual themselves places on social media, the results are: Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 9.44.34 PM

I find this very interesting since so many people constantly complain when a new Facebook feature has been added that changes the privacy settings. The fact that only 21% of people are displeased in some way means that the people who get very upset about privacy and complain about it ad nauseam does not necessarily mean that they will partake in a survey.

So how often are people using various social media platforms?

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 9.46.35 PM

While I am not shocked that Facebook is used the most, I am a little more surprised that more people are not using Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest or Instagram. I knew that Myspace and Google+ would be a long shot, but I really thought that more people would use the other social media platforms more.

Put the social media platforms in the order of your preference

Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 9.46.59 PM

I put this question in as a safeguard against lying. For instance, if all of a sudden Myspace had come up as the third or fourth preference I would know that people were not paying attention to what they were choosing as an option. However, I think that these results match the previous results very well, which means that people didn’t lie! I am excited about this since I was very nervous of whether or not people would be honest.

While I am thrilled that I got these results, I do realize a lot of mistakes that I made that I could fix in the future. I missed a lot of data gathering information when I did not ask more about age groups, education levels, or even offer more social media platforms. I completely forgot to include YouTube or Tumblr. I know there are a lot more social media platforms, but those two are pretty popular and should have been included. I think that learning to include more questions, as well as figuring out exactly what information I want would help me a lot so that I would really be able to pinpoint the information that I wanted to know. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi Amanda. 😉

    I think your survey was well constructed and administered. Perhaps if you had more time to conduct the survey you may have been able to give your audience more impressions resulting in much higher engagement and more survey takers.

    It may have also helped if you narrowed down the social media usage to one platform. For instance, you could have used your Facebook status update to ask your Facebook friends about their Facebook usage.

    You could have a created an infographic for Pinterest with a link to your survey. Imagine how many repines and likes you could receive if given ample time to advertise, market and promote your survey.

    You could have created an in-depth YouTube or shot clip on Vine asking your audience to take the survey, and cross promote that video on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, WordPress, etc.

    Nevertheless, your valiant efforts did not go unnoticed, and you received some valid feedback within the timeframe permitted. You did good kid 🙂

  2. Hi Jason,
    I really like your Pinterest idea, although since I know that I pin a lot of things for later, I wonder if that is what would happen which would still leave me without results for now. I will, however, be pinning this blog, as I like to do. I also have been very anti-video for a while which is probably why I never think to make a video for anything! It is another great point though! I really need to start stepping outside my comfort zone for the results that I want. It is all a work in progress, right? Thanks for the support and thanks for commenting!

  3. it looks like you have a good start in gathering information about the demographics and preferences of social media users. It would be interesting to follow up with a survey going more into privacy concerns or the lack thereof. As you pointed out, a lot of people complain about Facebook privacy policies but a third expressed no opinion either way in answering your survey. I would want to know what they use social media and what sort of content they share; maybe that is the deciding factor in how they feel about the privacy issue.

    • Hi David,
      Thanks for your positive feedback! I think you are right and more follow up questions about privacy would have been helpful. I think I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted my direction to be. On one hand I wanted to know what platforms were being used, but on the other hand I wanted to know how people felt about their privacy rights. I think if I were to do a survey again I would choose a more specific topic to begin with and then point my questions in that one direction. Thanks for commenting though, and thanks for the great insight.

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