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This week I worked on creating an online survey. Since I am focused on learning more about social media platforms, that was what I decided to focus on. I want to know more about why people choose to connect on various social media platforms. For instance, I use my Facebook to connect with people, my Pinterest to learn new things that I can buy or create, LinkedIn to grow a professional network, Instagram to see my friends pictures and to log my weight loss journey and my life, Google+ to connect with more people and Twitter to see what other people are talking about.

However, I know that not everyone uses their social media platforms the same way. Some people use them for completely different reasons and others don’t use some of them at all! That is why I would like to learn why people are using or not using various platforms. I also would like to learn how often people use the sites. I may think using a site “frequently” means using it daily, while the same wording may mean using it weekly to someone else. That is why I was careful to use intervals when asking how often people use the various sites.

Screen Shot 2014-01-27 at 5.42.56 PMI also asked people to put the social media platforms in the order of their preference so that I can have an idea of which ones are preferred. Another aspect of what I want to learn with this survey is how many people complete a survey. I made this survey fairly short, only 15 questions, but I think it will be interesting to see how many people just stop in the middle of the survey. I included two open-ended questions to see if that is what prompts people to exit.

I also made sure that I used various scales so that I could tell if people were actually paying attention to what they were choosing, or if they were just selecting things at random to quickly finish. I am hoping that people will be truthful, since it is a really quick and easy survey!

However, I know that not everyone will be, it is an unfortunate fact of survey results.

In the end I am hoping to learn a lot from my results, but the truth is that I have already learned a lot just making the survey! I had never made a survey before and it is a really difficult process. Thinking of the questions and how to word them is very complicated. Another problem I now realize is forgetting things. For instance I realize that I didn’t include YouTube, which is a social media platform. Well, you know what they say, hindsight is 20/20.

If you would like to take the survey to help me out, you can here.

Also, feel free to chime in below and let me know what you thought!!

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  1. Hey Amanda.

    I liked taking your survey because it was short and dealdt with a topic that I love….Social Media. You didn’t have to coerce me into taking the survey, and you designed it well. The questions made sense, and were not redundant. Job well done.


      • Hello Amanda. It’s good to see that we both want to find out a bit more about who uses which social network, how frequent, why they do it, and which one they prefer. After all, we are in a social media program so that makes sense! It’s true that thinking about the possible questions for the survey was took time, but that process makes you really narrow down ideas until you discover what is it exactly that you want to find out. It took me longer to establish the flow of the questions and making them interrelated, among other things. I see one of the reasons to use social media networks you included was “as an alternative to a website.” I completely forgot that one and actually I don’t have a website for my business; I have a Facebook page. Finally, kudos to your introduction, it is a nice way to let people have an overview about the survey.

      • Hi Celeste,
        I think it is interesting to see what people prefer when it comes to social media, although I haven’t gotten a huge response level to my survey, or not as much as I thought I might. I definitely missed a couple of questions too. It really is hard, being a newbie to creating a survey since I think I over thought some questions, and then missed the boat and didn’t think hard enough on others. Thanks for your input!

  2. Hi Amanda,

    Great survey topic! It’s very relevant to everything we have been learning in the program thus far. I liked the fact that your survey included a bar in the center that showed, percentage-wise, how much of the survey we had left. Although I agree with you that 15 questions isn’t a lot, having this progress bar in plain sight will, in my opinion, make people more likely to take and complete your survey.

    I found your questions to be well thought out and valuable in helping you find out more information about why people use the social media platforms that they do. Just because you and I both have an Instagram doesn’t mean we’re both going to use it in the same way and for the same reasons, so I’m interested to read the results of your survey.

    Oh, and as for having forgotten to include YouTube, I can empathize. I think I could’ve added additional answer choices for one of the questions in my “Facebook Use Among Different Age Group” survey in order to obtain more accurate results. But as they say, you live and you learn. It was my first time making a survey too, so I think we both should give ourselves major props 🙂

    • Hi Lynette,
      Thanks! I really was excited to have the ability to show people the progress bar since when I take any surveys that is the first thing that I look for. I really do think that everyone uses things in different ways, but I didn’t ask questions that would really allow me to separate what they use their social media platforms for individually. Oh well! I am glad that for first time survey makers it seems like we did pretty well! I will be sure to add what I learned in my blog next week. Right now I am having a hard time getting results! I hope it is going pretty easy for you! You had a great survey too, I am look forward to reading all the results! Thanks for commenting.

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