Pinterest, YouTube and Vine, which is your favorite?


Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 9.16.15 PMThis week our focus is on visual platforms and how to use them to grow your company. One of the platforms discussed is Pinterest. Kathleen Davis talks about why it is important for your business to be present, explaining that “Pin-It” buttons get 10 times more clicks that “Tweet This” buttons. That is incredible! We have been learning how Twitter is such a great live feed updating platform, but when it comes to sharing content it seems that Pinterest is the way to go! Part of this stems from the visual aspect of Pinterest, I don’t see why people would want to tweet about their dream home, but building it on Pinterest is fun! This happens with a lot of various topics such as Food and Drink or Home Decor. Roye Okupe also points out that in January 2012 other than Facebook time was most spent on Tumblr and Pinterest. The two platforms has people spending an average of 89 minutes per visitor, the next highest was Twitter at an average of 21 minutes per visitor. That is a huge difference and that alone should create enough of a reason to be on Pinterest. I am on Pinterest and I love it! I planned parts of my wedding from that site alone. It really is a great place to connect and find great ideas and new things to do.

Another incredibly important platform is YouTube. Rich Brooks explains why it is so important to be creating videos and housing them on YouTube. This makes a lot of sense, since she points out that people may not find your website and go to it to watch a video, but it can come up in the search results on your YouTube channel. I have always been hesitant to create videos, especially about social media since I know that so many videos are just funny or whimsical, but it seems I have to embrace the way of the future and figure out how to make short content videos to help grow my presence.

John Swartz talks about an incredible point, that potential consumers trust YouTube more than Facebook. This I can completely understand. I think it makes sense that people want to see someone using the product before they make a purchase. If you can see something you can believe it. On Facebook if you see a before and after snapshot that is all it is, but if you see a before and after slideshow on YouTube you can see much more information.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 9.24.33 PMI included this infographic to give an idea of the differences between Vine and Instagram. I use Instagram a lot more, mainly because I enjoy taking pictures rather than having the creativity to come up with videos. However, Vine has really taken off, I am just becoming acquainted with Vine. I have to say though, I find it hilarious. I have enjoyed watching various videos, and judging from the comments that are up in the hundreds and thousands, a lot of people are enjoying Vine. Nick Cicero tells us that 5 Vines are tweeted every second and that is a huge number that will help this platform grow even more.

Some things to think about, do you think you would be able to use the 6 second Vine format to grow your business? Do you have any ideas on how will you present your business on Pinterest?

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  1. Hey Amanda! Great post. I loved all the stats this week about time spent on Pinterest and how much more effective the Pin-It button is than Twitter.

    I still don’t understand Vine for business. My friend who is into Vine has shown me plenty of funny videos (like Miley Cyrus, Mean Girls quotes, etc.) but I’ve yet to see anything valuable from brands. Maybe super creative companies or agencies might be able to make it work?

    I do hope that Ink Link can start using Pinterest because I like it as a channel. We’re starting to establish our social presence on the main networks, which is taking a while, but I think there may be a place for us on Pinterest as we plan and execute more events. I’m also learning how to use our professional camera and video camera, so we’ll be able to have quality photos to document our experiences. We hope to become experts in grand openings and other marketing events and be able to portray that expertise on Pinterest.

  2. Alexandra,

    Thank you so much for commenting! I agree that figuring out how to successfully use Vine as a business will take a lot of creativity since 6 seconds is not a long time. I mean, 15 seconds on Instagram is a lot easier to manage. I love using Pinterest! I personally used ideas to plan my wedding and use it all the time for cooking, holidays, and social media. I think it is a great way to portray a personality without being an overwhelming “sell, sell, sell” personality.

    Thanks so much for commenting!

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