Facebook and Google+, What I Learned


This week we looked at why Facebook and Google+ are both important. Here is some of what I learned:

Facebook has always been so easy for me to use, that I have taken it for granted. I have been using Facebook for personal reasons for a long time, and really enjoy it. I didn’t really think about what I was seeing on the newsfeed, I knew that if I didn’t want to see someone I could choose to “see less,” but other than that I thought all posts were equal. Boy was I wrong. Not only are all people or pages not equal on Facebook, but even the types of content that is shared is not equal as well. When it comes to Facebook you need engagement, in order to get seen. When you lose engagement, you lose affinity and weight which means no one will be liking or commenting which means it will drop out of their newsfeed. While I don’t have a problem with not always seeing things about people that I don’t want to engage with, that does mean I don’t see anything that goes on with them unless a lot of other people have already interacted with the post.

I do have a hard time maintaining my own business Facebook, part of it is laziness, and part of it is lack of ingenuity on my part. So many people mainly use Facebook for personal use, that I think people don’t just blindly “like” things, they think about whether they want to see it on their newsfeed. I definitely think that visuals get a lot more interaction than anything else. Yes, sometimes people will read a blog post and share it, but they are much more likely to comment on a picture they like. This is something I always need to keep in mind when trying to have my business page seen more often.

When Google+ first came out, I honestly thought it was a joke. I figured since Facebook was so popular it would never gain traction and it would die out. This class has taught me again that I was completely wrong. In fact, now I realize that even if I just think of SEO, I need to be on Google+ all the time posting and reacting to posts in order to create engagement. One of the ways that Google+ differs from Facebook is that when someone has you in their circle, even if they don’t engage with you, you will show up higher in search results. Which is the complete opposite of Facebook where you get penalized for lack of engagement. It really shows how important being a member of Google+ is.

I think people need to learn why they want to be on social media in order to really think about why Google+ benefits them. Some people only use social media to stay in touch with close friends and family, so they will stick with Facebook. However, for people who want to grow their influence, I can understand why Google+ is the way of the future. The truth is, people just need to be able to dedicate time to creating something a little different for each site. For instance I am much more personal on Facebook than I ever think I will be on Google+, but I recognize that in order to grow my business I need to grow my presence on ALL social media outlets and not just choose one or two. That means dedicating a lot of time and energy to keep my content fresh. However, since I want to work in social media, I recognize that this is something that needs to occur and welcome it, as soon as I figure out how to manage my time better.

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  1. Please share with me your time management skills because I could really benefit as well. I too am slowly seeing the true value of Google+ for business, but am still trying to get the USPS Facebook page right.. I really think we are on the right track. I am coming more open to Google+, but much like you I don’t have the time. I can see now why a job as a social media specialist or expert is a full time job.

    • Hi Darleen,

      Truthfully, right now I don’t have great time management skills, between work, school and my own client, there is not a lot of time for me to work extra. The only thing I have been doing is having a lot of late nights and increasingly early mornings, something I am not too fond of. How are you handling time management right now? I do feel overwhelmed and stressed at times, but in the end I think working hard will be worth it. Thanks for commenting!

  2. Amanda,

    Do you use HootSuite or something like it? I am having a very hard time posting on Google+, and am not really getting the hang of HootSuite for posting on multiple platforms at once. I would love some advice or recommendations on platforms that take the repetition out of multiple postings.


    • Hi Lesley,

      I don’t use anything to post my social media, so every post you see comes from me directly. I like providing different source of information on different sites, but it is very time consuming. I think that if I want people to interact with me on various platforms, I have to provide various pieces of information for them to look at. For work, I do use Constant Contact so that my emails also get posted directly onto our Facebook page, so I have used that to increase response to emails. I have noticed a lot of people won’t read the email but will connect with it if it is on a Facebook page. Another thing I do for a client, is that she likes to have her blogs post directly to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn directly from WordPress. If you have a blog that is something I would consider doing since it makes it easier to get out everywhere simultaneously. Let me know if that helps you at all. I have heard good things about HootSuite sometimes just using a new format is hard. I have had a hard time figuring out what to post on Google+ until this week when we learned so much more about it, and now I feel a lot more confident for the future.

      Thanks for chiming in!

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