Facebook or Google+, How Do You Choose?


facebookvgoogleBefore these readings, I have been struggling with Google+, don’t get me wrong, I am still struggling but now I know why I need to make more of an effort with Google+. While my business page still isn’t doing well with Facebook, on a personal level, Facebook and I get along very well. I get to chat with all of my 700 friends, and keep up with what is going on in their lives, or so I thought. The truth is, when reading an article by Kurt Wagner, I learned that Facebook does not show you everything, it has an algorithm to show me what it thinks I will like the most or be most interested in.

At first I was highly disappointed, but the more I think about it, the more it makes a lot of sense. If I have over 700 friends on Facebook, am I really interested in what all of them are saying? The answer is no. Boonsri Dickinson explains the Social Graph very well, she says “In computer speak, when you “like” something through Facebook, it becomes an edge. The edge is the connection point between you and other people, places, or things.” Truthfully, this makes a lot of sense. These connections are what help people find others with the same interests. Shel Israel talks about how the Graph Search feature allows people to find people based on interests, photos, and places that are listed in their profile. The idea of being able to find more people means that people have to increase the information that they post on their profile if they would like more people to find them.

Screen Shot 2013-09-15 at 10.19.20 PMSo, how do you create more circles on Google+ and get more “likes” on Facebook? Believe it or not people recommend some of the same techniques. The first two recommended tips for engagement on Facebook from Broadsword Communications actually has been recommended for engagement on Google+ by Kim Garst as well. Both companies respond well visually. Kim recommends to use high quality graphics to make sure your photos always look great on the site. Broadsword talks about how having more visual content will help improve “likes” and “shares” which will create a better Edgerank with more people interacting with your page. When it comes to Google+ having nice visuals will assist people who are interested in your information and having you in their circles. Having high quality visuals enhances your content and catches more peoples eyes to get it seen more often.

Amy Porterfield talks about how not only having fun visuals will help a page, but also having a “call to action,” or asking for “likes” or “shares”. When I share fun visuals and quotes on Facebook I do notice that quotes in a visual format get shared more than a quote written in standard print format. This speaks true to what everyone has been talking about when it comes to visuals. This is something to keep in mind while also sharing content on Google+. Especially since as important as Facebook has been to people and businesses, Google+ is on the rise when it comes to importance. Steve Rayson talks about how Google+ content stays around for a long time and gives your profile page rank and comes up in search results. This in itself is huge and creates the ability for more people to find the content that you are posting. Part of the reason for this is that Google+ is Google. Brian Clark acknowledges the fact that Google has integrated all of their products into features of Google+, thereby creating a more integrated social platform. With that in mind, Google search results will help you find all the information you need while still creating a place where people can see what you post on Google+.

While I am more comfortable with using Facebook it is increasingly apparent that not only businesses, but people who want to be more influential online need to get more used to Google+. Which platform are you more comfortable with, Facebook or Google+? While you may be more comfortable with one or the other, do you see the importance of the other platform? How do you plan on using the information we read this week to increase social engagement?

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  1. I think almost everyone will agree that they’re more “comfortable” with Facebook. But what is that comfort? I think part of it is familiarity but another big aspect is feedback. While Google+ has definite benefits, it’s not as engaging because people don’t use it like Facebook. When we post on social we want responses. Likes, comments, whatever it might be. Google+ just doesn’t have the same overall impact right now or comfort because people don’t engage with the content the same way, and that lack of engagement causes discomfort.

    • Hi Professor,
      Thank you so much for chiming in! I definitely think part of what makes Facebook so popular is that a lot of people use it to only interact socially, not to have a social presence. Yes, they are interested in keeping up with friends and family but not necessarily making sure they increase engagement to grow their SEO. I for one will be using Google+ more in the future since I have learned this week how great a platform it truly is. Thanks for your input.

  2. Amanda,
    Like you I’m every comfortable with facebook. I’ve been on it for years and my concept of social media as a who was first based on my facebook experience. I joined Google+ in 2011 and didn’t do anything with it. I didn’t have a bog or a website at the time. I was still in school and not even thinking about myself as a brand or a content writer. Now, I’ve been thinking about things a lot differently. The thing I’m selling is myself. If I keep publicizing my blog on Google+ then I rank higher in SEO. I think that’s a good thing don’t you. I’m going to keep my facebook personal and use my google+ to tell the world how awesome I am.

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