Content is Key!


This week the lecture focused on how important content is. I am going to be honest, and tell you that content is something I have constantly struggled with. I have always thought that I should be blog posting, but being scared to start has stopped me. What I thought was key in Professor Bornstein’s speech is that you can be paralyzed by that fear and not move forward. That is what I was doing. Well thanks to the lecture and learning just how important content is, I have made a conscience decision to focus on creating more content.

This week I reached out to Facebook about a topic that I have always wondered about, whether or not people decided to comment on religion or politics on Facebook and why. I actually received a bunch of responses, which made me really happy. It showed me that people were willing to comment whether they were agreeing with it or were against it. That is something else that was spoken about in the video. Even if someone responds negatively, it is important to just acknowledge that they are responding. This is a great concept, one of the most important parts of sharing isn’t making everyone agree with what is being posted but being able to stand your ground and defend what you wrote to begin with.

We were told to look at some people or brands on Twitter and I decided to look at the things I was interested in, which for me is health. I started following @Nike, @nikesportswear, @DailyHealthTips, @FITNESS, & @WomensHealthMag. I am currently very interested in fitness and making fitness and diet change into a lifestyle choice and all of these brands interest me and provide interesting content. Even though they are all part of the same theme, they all create different content. Content that educates, inspires, and teaches me things for free.

Which is another big part of what I took away from the video. In order to get you have to be able to give, freely. Give content, ideas, help, resources, and share so that you build an audience that trusts you and that grows. This lecture really gave me a lot to think about, and made me realize how much more work goes into being a social presence.



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