Inspiring connections between you and your audience


This week the reading focused on engaging with our audience. While there were many different ways that were brought to light, some stuck with me more than others. Guy Kawasaki spoke about how something to keep in mind was showing restraint when it comes to self-promotion. This spoke to me since I agree wholeheartedly that when someone constantly sells themselves to me, I not only want to tune out, I de-friend someone, or un-follow them.  Another great point that Guy makes is finding good content and getting it out there while it was trending or on the verge of trending. Dave Kerpen speaks about how important content is as well. Dave points out that it isn’t about just finding content, but finding content that is relevant to what you do while not shouting what your company does. It seems like a fine line to walk, being able to provide information while not soliciting business directly.

Craig Silverman spoke about how finding good sources and reading will lead to creating good content on your own. This is something that is incredibly hard to do, in my opinion. Craig speaks about how hard it is to create content and how it is done by repeating the process over and over. Pam Moore’s article was about “50 Ways to Energize Your Social Media Community & Audiences”, this article provided me with a lot of great information, but what I found interesting is that all these articles tied together. Pam also spoke about how leaving your own blog and visiting others will help you. I agree! It seems like all of these people not only encourage your own content and writing, but by reaching out and finding content that other people write, it is a great way to communicate with new people and also learn new things. It is a way to find new content to talk about, while not promoting your own business directly or staying stagnant.

Lastly we read an article by Brian Solis  that spoke about how much has changed over time when it comes to how the internet is used in an infographic called The Conversation Prism. ImageHe talks about how by looking at this it can not only validate social media, but it also shows different ways to use the Prism to explore new ways to reach out to people. When I look at the Prism I am astounded by how much more information there is out there. Every time I think I may be getting proficient in something, it shows me that there are so many more things I have yet to even explore. It stands by what everyone has talked about, realizing that there is so much content and that in order to be educated, we have to educate ourselves. Do you ever find the amount of information out there on social media daunting? How do you find your own content? Do you stick with only content about your field or do you branch out? Feel free to chime in and let me know what you think!


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  1. Keeping up with all the changes in social media could be a full-time job! In fact, it probably is for some people. Unfortunately, at my organization there is no dedicated full-time position just to social media, just those of us with interest in tackling the field along with our other duties. I find it exciting though to see what new things are always developing, or who is trying something new, and see what works and what fails.

    As far as content, my healthcare organization generally posts content we’ve created. This way we can make sure the information is accurate and goes along with what our physicians are saying/promoting or what coincides with the vision of the organization. But I do think we could do more sharing, especially from credible sources. We’ve done of this slightly with organizations like the American Heart Association or the NIH, but we probably could do more and it might help us grow our audience even more.

    • Hi Laura,

      Thanks so much for chiming in! It is interesting that every field has the capability to use social media in different ways. For instance, I might not have thought about how healthcare uses social media to ensure accurate content is released, but that is a very good point. Especially since people may use what you post as a resource for their own health. It would make sense that you would stick to your own content. Although you could use other source and just cite that it is something you are sharing due to interest and that you are not necessarily recommending anyone follow those ideas.

  2. There is so much out there about social media. I do find it daunting. People pose as experts but do they really know what is right. Who does? What works for some, might not work for others. It’s hard to keep up with the latest trends and what is being written but I really do enjoy soaking it all in.

    The content posted to accounts where I work is mostly content we create. From time to time we will share something one of our golfers, tournaments or media have posted, but in the end it all relates to us.

    • Hi Stacy,

      Thanks so much for chiming in! I agree completely! Who knows what is right for anyone? Every kind of field needs something different and needs different kins of social media. It is hard to keep up with trends, and just when you think you have something somewhat mastered, 4 new things come up and we all have to learn the new trends. I find it interesting that you also mostly post content that you create. I try to do more of a mix of things from me and from other people since it allows me to look at things from a different point of view.

  3. There is so much information out there about social media. I try to look at different blogs and experts to get tips and ideas about how to better my content. For the most part I think it is important to stick to what you know. This helps you become an expert in your field. You don’t see TMZ reporting on the 5:00 news. You see them reporting celebrity stories and breaking news. Yet, it isn’t bad to branch out. This is a way to continue to grow and expand your followers. Great post!

  4. Amanda,

    I often times find the amount of information on Social Media to be daunting. There is so much, I hardly ever know what to read or focus on and it leaves me feeling like I am either behind or missing out on so much. I am still working on mastering my content. I feel like I have a good ways to go. I typically talk about content that interest me and things that I know enough about to sound intellectual while simultaneously informing and educating others. With that being said, I am not going to make posts or status updates about performing Neurology or the Tricks to Being an Amazing Racquetball Player.

    • Hi Tammy,

      I don’t only find the amount of information to be daunting, but keeping up with everything can be daunting as well. I think it is interesting that you may only focus on what interests you. I agree I won’t be creating status updates about performing Neurology, but since fitness interests me, I do post about fitness and bettering myself. I think that integrating my personality into my brand is the best way to help it.

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