The Multiple Uses of Social Media – Week 2


Social media has changed so many different things in the business world. Not only do possible employers reach out to see exactly what you have posted in the past, and what social media sites you are listed on. Employers are now actively looking at what groups you belong to as well as when you have last posted and what kind of content is being posted. On one hand, this is very progressive since it allows companies to see who you are as a person, and to possibly connect with your personality on a deeper level. On the other hand, this means branding is even more important. I personally feel like any job interview is really an interview on both sides, just because something seems like a great fit for your goals, does not mean you will have a personality match which could be highly problematic in the long run. That is why I think it is great that job searches are becoming more transparent, but at the same time, people need to watch what they post and what is posted about them.

When it comes to branding, not only do you have to be yourself, you have to be your best self. However, that does not mean you should be fake. Just be you and tell a story. Talk about how your day went or how you are doing, truthfully. Gary Vaynerchuk says that companies should allow their employees to talk about work, which I do agree with, but he also mentions that people may get fired for what they say, which is something to keep in mind before you say whatever you want. I think anecdotes add to a persons brand and social media presence, but I would keep in mind that what you put out on the internet stays there before telling a story bashing a client. Being able to be the best you, while still keeping in mind who will be viewing it is the best way to connect and grow a brand but still maintain respectability that can lead to a new job or career path.

Besides branding and maintaining your persona while still being professional a strategy needs to be put in place so you can grow your social base. Unfortunately, it seems that this sometimes takes time to figure out. Especially when it comes to the give and take of posting. People want to hear from you, but not necessarily too often. The key is to not only find a happy medium but to create quality connections so that not only are you posting, but so that your community can respect your posts and reach out to you.

– How are you building your brand?

– Do you agree with Gary Vaynerchuk that employees should be able to say what they want about work?

– Do you think that potential employers should be reaching out to people based on their social media presence?

Chime in and let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi Amanda,

    I completely agree that professionals need to create a brand around themselves, especially in our field. As we both know, it will only become more difficult to standout as people catch onto the benefits of a personal brand. However, I’m curious what your thoughts are about individuals in different careers. Is it essential for everyone to have a personal brand? Can a personal brand help every job seeker? Do you think it could ever negatively impact someone?

    • Hi Sean,

      Thank you so much for commenting! I see this as being essential for anyone in any career. Doing the readings for the week, I came to the harsh reality that anyone, in any field will be searched to see if a company wants to hire them. I know that I have received messages on sites like LinkedIn from potential employers, and that is without portraying a personal brand. So to answer your question, right now I don’t think it is essential but as more companies become more proficient with their own branding and social media use, it will be essential, no matter what the field. I think the absence of a brand can negatively impact someone just like the absence of a company on social media can negatively impact someone. I think that ensuring that your brand directly correlates with who you are personally and shows your own humanity is incredibly important. The problem I see is that people want to be social on social media, and sometimes it is difficult to not allow your friends to post pictures of you drunk in a corner. I think having a personal and professional social outlet is important, but I think in some ways it may be better to only have your “branded” self out for people to see. What do you think Sean?

  2. Hey Amanda- In regards to your second question, I agree with Gary Vaynerchuk. I feel that employees should be able to say what they want, but with that freedom comes responsibility on the side of the employee. In my opinion, as a working professional, all employees should know where the line stands when it comes to talking about the company you work for or your employer. Keep it professional, and keep it clean. You are your own brand so sounding off inappropriately on social media about a job or boss does not market yourself in a professional way. In turn, you will just be hurting yourself. If there is an issue discuss it with your boss and keep it private. Social media is not the time or place! Do you agree with Gary Vaynerchuk?

    • Hi Casey

      Thank you so much for commenting on my work! I agree but disagree with Gary Vaynerchuk. He focuses on what companies should do when it comes to handling employees who have already bad mouthed the company. I agree that people who bad mouth their company should get fired. However, I personally disagree that people should be posting anything they want. Sometimes people forget that whatever you put on the internet is not only there indefinitely, it is also public. Even if you delete something at a later date, whose to say that someone didn’t already screenshot it? If I sound paranoid, it is because I think social media should be treated with a little judgement and respect that I don’t think everyone uses when posting. I agree with your point that we are our own brand and should act that way. Thanks for chiming in!

  3. Increasingly I’m learning the importance of having an “image” or brand on social media. Even if you aren’t a social media professional, I do believe employers are using social media to do research on potential employees. I’m starting to build my brand by creating on online presence via social media. I now have a Twitter, Instagram, Blog, etc. These are new for me. It wasn’t too difficult to set up the accounts, but the uncomfortable part is being active on these accounts. Based on our readings we need to not just have the accounts, but also need to be active. Taking it to the next step, not just active but also thoughtful about the content we post and comments we make. All this seems like a lot of work, right? Am I alone in that?

  4. Hey Amanda –

    I thought Gary’s video was spot on! I know that, in my current position, being active on Facebook or Twitter during my day helps to keep me on top of what our consumers are talking about. People are much more relaxed in what they are saying or even how they are sharing their feelings on social media sites, so it’s a great way to keep tabs on any issues that might me coming our way! Granted, this Facebooking at work thing should be done in moderation and should never get in the way of your daily tasks that need to be completed. I think it’s an interesting thought…one that I am all for!


    • Hi Lacee,

      Thank you so much for responding to my post! I agree that if you are on social media for work, you are able to see what people are focusing on as far as your clients or customers. I just personally think that people who are working for a company should be careful what they put out there otherwise they can expect to be fired. Also, with more potential employers searching even before you think of looking for a job, being careful about what you post yourself is major. Thanks for chiming in!

  5. Blythe, you are definitely not alone. I have had most of these sites already since I wanted to make sure that I had the names I wanted, but consistently using them is something I neglected. You are right though, we have to use these things constantly. I find myself posting things in the morning, on my lunch break and long into the night. The combination of trying to upload new content, comment on what other people to post in order to build relationships, make sure I reply to what someone has posted on my site can be daunting. The truth is, I think everyone has their own favorite social media sites that they find easiest to use and then everything else can feel like work until you begin to feel more of an ease of use. What I find the most rewarding is when people actually respond to what I am posting and interact with me, so that is what I try to focus on. I am having a hard time figure out what my personal brand would be, but I am working on it, so I guess that is enough for now. Thank you so much for reaching out to me and letting me in on how you are feeling.

  6. I am building my Brand(s) by creating a Strategy and engaging in active listening first. Prior to all of the helpful tips and information that I am receiving and gaining now, I was about to dive in head first into a pool with no water. Now, after learning so much regarding Brand Strategies, Active Listening and the importance of having a Social Media plan/organization, I am much better equipped to launching my Brand(s), creating Brand Awareness, and running successful Social Media Campaigns.

    As far as employees being able to say what they want about work, I think it depends on the circumstance. I do not think they should use company provided accounts to bad mouth the company or for personal conversations or for posting their personal opinions regarding non-job things (unless this is part of the job) however I do think that people should be able to say what they want on their personal accounts without any consequences. This is all tied into online privacy which none of us really have any more.

    And if it is a Social Media, Integrated Communications Marketing, or Marketing/PR job or any job that requires the prospective employee to engage or interact with consumers on Social Networking Sites then yes I do think potential employers should be reaching out to people based on their social media presence but if the job is not related to one of those fields or has nothing to do with the job duties then no I do not. For instance, I dont think a Doctor should base his decision to hire a Medical Assistant based on his or her Social Media Presence.

    • Hi Tammy,

      Thanks so much for chiming in! I agree I was also jumping in headfirst to a shallow pool, although sometimes I still feel I am! There is a lot to consider when it comes to building a brand. This is what I am focused on first, building my own brand.
      Thank you for sharing your input on online privacy. I agree that there is no such thing as privacy anymore. I also appreciate your input on whether or not social media presence should impact a job hiring. I see what you are saying about a Doctor basing his decisions on hiring a Medical Assistant, and maybe the job shouldn’t be given based on their social media presence, but what about if they are posting that they get wasted every night? Shouldn’t that be taken into consideration?

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